What is BigQuery?

BigQuery is a cloud-based data warehouse and data analytics platform, by Google Cloud. While it is a data platform similar to Snowflake or RedShift, organizations that like to retain the SQL style analytics prefer BigQuery + the natural integrations with other Google offerings like Looker, Google Cloud and more.

How Does BigQuery Work?

BigQuery operates on a distributed architecture that allows for massive parallelism and scalability. When you load data into BigQuery, it automatically divides and replicates the data across multiple nodes, enabling fast and efficient querying of large datasets.

One key feature of BigQuery is its columnar storage format. Instead of storing data in traditional rows, BigQuery stores data in columns. This allows for efficient compression and selective column reading, resulting in faster query performance.

Queries in BigQuery are executed in a distributed manner, with the workload spread across multiple nodes. The query optimizer plays a crucial role in optimizing and parallelizing query execution, ensuring optimal performance.

To learn more about BigQuery, you can visit this link.

What is the difference between Redshift vs BigQuery vs Snowflake?

- BigQuery’s advantage is its ease of use, it has a user-friendly SQL-like interface. It provides a pay-as-you-go model, where you pay for the queries you run and the storage you use.

- Redshift is known for its excellent performance in handling complex queries and large datasets. Redshift has seamless integration with all other AWS services, which gives it a big advantage over other options.

- Snowflake is a standalone cloud data platform. It has a multi-cluster architecture, which handles concurrent queries very efficiently. And, it uses a combination of storage and compute pricing.

The choice between all of these data warehouses depends on factors such as performance requirements, ease of use, cloud ecosystem, global availability, and many other factors.

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