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Our Founders

Siddarth Jain
Data Geek / CEO
IIT Delhi
Loves to write about startups
Dipesh Mittal
Debugger / CTO
IIT Delhi
Loves to make games

Our team has worked at:

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Company values

These are the ethos that have been shared internally at Doctor Droid.

→ A workplace that is conducive to let anyone speak even their stupidest ideas.

→ A workplace where you get “paid to learn”. If your objective is to implement all that you know and not grow, we aren’t a right place for you.

→ A place where you don’t feel judged if you decide to take a nap in the afternoon. Outcome oriented accountability.

→ A place where everyone hired would feel excited to become an entrepreneur after this journey.

→ A place where you always think if the incentives of different stakeholders are aligned.

→ Everyone must care. If you see a decision being made in the team that’s contrary to what you expect:If you are a subject matter expert / have context, give your Point of View. If you are not a SME, you must ask why and understand.

→ Always enable equal opportunity for everyone.

If these excite you to come join us, please write at

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