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An Open Source events lakehouse designed for real-time metrics and alerting

With exceptional focus on user experience and customer support, Kenobi is designed for teams that want to have high quality tooling without overspending on their data needs

Dynamic Schema Configuration

Start with sending data via events or even logs, without any worry.

Stop worrying about data schema or modelling.

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Event Correlation

Define relational rules between events to track composite metrics

Bring together context to stitch the entire state of the system

Learn more about monitors & entities

Group multiple events to define entities that represents your business objects.

Be it OrderID, callID or paymentID, our platform helps you group context together.

Learn more about funnels

Create custom dashboards with no-code or use our APIs

Connect your events lakehouse with any visualisation tool of your choice by leveraging our APIs

Explore dashboards & metrics

Setup real time alerts on metrics and event correlations.

Join multiple events/metrics in one correlation to create complex rules.

Read more about alerting capabilities

Start using Kenobi with one-click.

✅ Ready to use integrations with log forwarders, event streams and existing tools.

✅ Deploy in your cloud or use our cloud.

Built using components designed for superior performance & scalability like ClickHouse, Kafka and Reactflow.

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