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Introducing PlayBooks

Replace on-call SOPs & documents with interactive PlayBooks to improve DevEx for your SRE & On-Call teams.

Interactive PlayBooks (inspired from Jupyter Notebooks)

Help team debug issues faster with all relevant data in one place

Automation First

Set up custom triggers for your playbooks or let us auto-recommend the most relevant playbooks based on your alerts

AI Friendly

Get automated, concise investigation summaries directly within your alerts, enabling faster decision-making.
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Deep Integrations with Observability & Monitoring Tools

Amazon ElastiCache

Enrich Slack alerts with ElastiCache Metrics query response from AWS Cloudwatch


Amazon Lambda

Enrich Slack alerts with Lambda Metrics query response from AWS Cloudwatch



Enrich Alert in Slack


CloudFormation Templates

Run CloudFormation Template in Doctor Droid Platform



Enrich Slack alerts with Deployment Information query response from Jenkins

Deployment Data


Enrich Slack alerts with Deployment Information query response from CircleCI

Deployment Data

GCP Logs

Enrich Slack alerts with Logs query response from Stack Driver (GCP Monitoring)



Enrich Slack alerts with Query query response from PostgreSQL

Database Query
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Boost Team Efficiency and Collaboration

Historical Insights

Access historical executions of playbooks for a clear view of past system states and issue resolutions.

Knowledge Sharing

Enable team members to create & share playbooks, preventing repeated work on known issues.

Fast Onboarding

Accelerate new team member training with guided playbooks that help them understand system intricacies quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I self-host Playbooks?

Yes. Playbooks is open source and you can deploy the entire application within your own environment.

What integrations does Playbooks support?

Playbooks is already integrated with 10+ tools and has continuous efforts to expand the integration list. To learn more about them, visit our integrations page.

What are community templates?

Templates are investigation strategies contributed by developers within the community. These are designed to help teams leverage these playbooks as their de-facto start point.

What else is your team working on?

We will be sharing our roadmap shortly! Follow us to stay updated!

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