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Know the health of your product, in one click.

Track product & business metrics in real-time, setup alerts on critical ones and empower your entire company with the visibility.


Dashboards that your product, business & support orgs can create and understand.

Simplified UX to help teams create dashboards without needing constant support from data or engineering team.

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Define funnels that represents your product goals

Real-time visibility of your entire customer or business journey

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Dynamic Schema Configuration

Start with sending data via events or even logs, without any worry.

Plot metrics without having to worry about the data schema or modelling.

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Event Correlation

Create joins in your data for intelligent correlation.

Bring together context to stitch the entire state of the system

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Setup Real Time alerts on metrics and event correlations.

Join multiple events/metrics in one correlation to create complex rules.

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Start using Kenobi with one-click.

✅ Ready to use integrations with log forwarders, event streams and existing tools.

✅ Deploy in your cloud or use our cloud.

Built using components designed for superior performance & scalability like ClickHouse, Kafka and Reactflow.

Join other fast growing startups using Kenobi in Production already.

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