Debugging & Troubleshooting Assistant

Leverage your existing logs, events and traces to identify issues, without manual investigations

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Conversions & Failures

Track transactions spanning across multiple async/sync checkpoints.

Identify bottlenecks in seconds

Scan through chain of logs & events using common key, identifying the origin of issues, fast.

Correlate Funnel Drops with API errors & failures

Detect & triangulate impact faster


“We use Doctor Droid to monitor our pipelines and it is able to help our team detect failures and issues proactively.”

Sangram Raje
CTO, Prodigal Conversational AI


No other monitoring tool allows me to join events by transaction_id and create metrics on top of them. I think Doctor Droid is onto something."

Shalvin Kumar
Senior Backend Developer, BuyStars


We are using it to track multiple user paths that are critical to our product -- the team is fast to respond for any queries and the product works seamlessly!"

CTO, Wishlink

Advantages of Using Doctor Droid

Remove noisy alerts

The Business Context helps quickly identify the health of critical customer paths.

Detect customer issues faster

Setup rules for symptoms that your users or customers might complain about.

Easy for new engineers

Make it easy for new engineers to triage any issue. Tribal knowledge saved in system.

Effective Visualizations

Create Visualizations with the right amount of abstraction for your team.
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