Custom metric

What are Custom metrics?

Custom metrics are specific performance indicators that teams define to monitor aspects of their applications or businesses that are unique to their needs. They are vital in providing crucial information about health and other insights about the application.

Types of custom metrics:

Multiple types of custom metrics could be relevant to your business:
1.Counters: These could be numbers like “Live order count” or “Transactions in progress” that you would want to track and compare against the past or targets.

2.Percentage values: These would be metrics like “Success rates” or “cancellation percentage” of a certain transaction that you want to track.

3.Time Taken: These could be like a “delivery time” or a “processing time”, which represents the time between two critical checkpoints in your application.

4.Sums / aggregate functions: These could be derivative metrics like “Earnings in last 30 minutes” or “average free partners available during dinner time”.

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Doctor Droid is a platform that enables teams to monitor critical business and operational KPIs in real-time, helping improve business monitoring.

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