Data Mart

What is data mart?

A data mart is a subset of a data warehouse, that contains information that is needed specific to the requirements of the business.

Data mart helps data/ business teams to access and analyze the data that is relevant to them, instead of going through all of the data warehouse.

What’s the difference between a data mart and a data warehouse?

Data warehouses have extensive data for the entire organization, whereas data marts concentrate on a portion of that data tailored for specific groups. This specialization enables quicker and more precise data access, streamlining data retrieval and analysis by dealing with smaller, more manageable datasets.

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For example, if an inventory management team in an ecommerce company needs all the data around orders being placed and their supply-chain, they don’t need any information around marketing campaigns or customer’s payments/refunds. Hence, they will need a data mart created with just inventory related data.

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