Resource Utilization

What is Resource Utilisation?

Resource utilization refers to the management of the available tech resources in an engineering team. Such as computing resources, human resources, tech infrastructure, tools, and time.

Resource utilization is often a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for many tech teams. It measures the efficiency in deployment and computing resource usage within the tech infrastructure of the organization.

For eg, ensuring the application servers have enough space allocated so that the application runs smoothly in the peak usage hours as well.

How can you optimize resource utilization for better performance?

Resource utilization is directly linked with system performance and the cost-efficiency of your team. Following are a few methods:

1. Monitor resources
Implementing the monitoring tools to actively track the usage of the resources, such as CPU, storage, etc.

2. Eliminate bottlenecks
Identify the bottlenecks in your code, that slow down your system performance and optimize them.

3. Automate Scaling
Eg, an auto-scaling mechanism to dynamically allocate server space as per need.

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