What is a Sandbox Environment?

A sandbox environment is a controlled and isolated space to test a specific product.

For example, consider a critical payment integration that a company is planning to add, say using Stripe. The sandbox environment would typically refer to the testing account/environment that the team would have access to.

Why use a Sandbox?

This helps teams test out & experience a product without affecting the live environment (or, production).

For instance, Doctor Droid’s platform helps companies to do real-time analytics. To help teams understand the capabilities within the platform, they can check the sandbox at

Doctor Droid is a platform to enable teams to monitor critical business and operational KPIs in real-time, helping improve business monitoring.

Our team has deep experience in helping companies set up their observability stack, so if you need any assistance in setting up your observability stack, we are happy to assist. You can reach out to us, here.

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