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Leverage Playbooks to query data from multiple sources.

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Designed to accelerate debugging and make it stress-free with cues.
Next-Step Recommendations
Get suggestions on the next step to run in every playbook.
Share Executed Playbook
Bring other engineers on the same page
Intelligent Search
Centralize all playbooks across the organisation
Past Data Access
Check investigations from similar instances

60+ enrichment steps available out-of-the-box

Amazon DyanmoDB

Enrich Slack alerts with DynamoDB Metrics query response from AWS Cloudwatch



Enrich Slack alerts with Query query response from MySQL

Database Query

New Relic App Metrics

Enrich Slack alerts with Application Metrics query response from New Relic


CloudFormation Templates

Run CloudFormation Template in Doctor Droid Platform



Trigger playbook in Datadog



Enrich Slack alerts with Deployment Information query response from Gitlab

Deployment Data

Amazon ElastiCache

Enrich Slack alerts with ElastiCache Metrics query response from AWS Cloudwatch


Amazon SNS/SQS

Enrich Slack alerts with SNS/SQS Metrics query response from AWS Cloudwatch

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How are teams benefiting from Playbooks?

Reduced MTTR

1-click investigations lead to faster identification of issue & hence, faster resolution

Tribal Knowledge Repository

Reduced dependency on senior engineers to debug issues & tickets

Lesser Frustration

Reduction in the escalations where unplanned hours are spent by multiple teams & engineers

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