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Deploy your code confidently

Setup automated post-deployment monitoring for continuous stability checks of your services with Doctor Droid.

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How it works

Deployment Done

Webhook triggered to Doctor Droid

Doctor Droid starts tracking your telemetry data

Every 5 minutes for 4 hours.

Receive Slack Updates

In case of anomaly, get an instant Slack message. Else receive update at end of time.

A fully extensible platform designed for developers

Fully configurable Stability Checks

Configure multiple steps, with conditionals defining actions and flexible rules. Read more.

Works with your tools

Enables support for fetching & executing 60+ different types of observability data commands. Read more.

Additional Custom Actions

Define actions like triggering webhooks, running bash scripts and enriching your on-call alert. Read more here.


Enrich Alert in OpsGenie



Run HTTP calls in Doctor Droid Platform



Enrich monitor in Datadog



Enrich Alert in PagerDuty



Enrich Alert in Slack


BASH scripts

Run BASH scripts via SSH in Doctor Droid Platform


Terraform Script

Run Terraform Script in Doctor Droid Platform


CloudFormation Templates

Run CloudFormation Template in Doctor Droid Platform


Standardise stability checks across your services.

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Frequently Asked

How are you different from my CI / CD tool?

We are complementary to the CI/CD toolkit that users have, because we are automating just the issue detection, metric comparison and rollback advice part.

We enable custom rules for identifying deployment failures.

We are using Canary / Blue-Green Deployment. How will your tool work in these cases?

In case of Canary deployment, we offer metric checks on the newly deployed pods / instances, compare it against older instances metrics and overall metrics from the past.

In case of Blue Green deployment, we offer metric checks on the green version, compare it against overall metrics from the past.

What CI / CD tools do you work with?

Doctor Droid currently integrates with Github Actions, Bitbucket Pipelines, AWS CodePipeline, CircleCI, Jenkins, Harness, Gitlab, ArgoCD.

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